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Study of Efficacy and Safety of SAF312 Eye Drops in Subjects With Post-operative Corneal Induced Chronic Pain (CICP)

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This study is a Phase 2 randomized, double-blinded, multi-center, parallel group, placebo-controlled evaluation of the safety and efficacy of SAF312, 5 mg/ml and 15 mg/ml eye drops versus placebo used twice-daily in both eyes for 12 weeks. Eligible subjects will have undergone refractive surgery (i.e., PRK, LASIK, LASEK, RK, or SMILE) in both eyes or cataract surgery in both eyes with or without refractive enhancement in one or both eyes at least 4 months prior to Screening, and have been suffering from chronic ocular pain as a result of their surgery. Eligible patients must also demonstrate chronicity of the pain at Baseline Visit as described in inclusion criteria. Overall approximately 150 subjects will be enrolled in the study and randomized to one of 3 study arms in 1:1:1 ratio

A Study of GSK3511294 (Depemokimab) in Participants With Severe Asthma With an Eosinophilic Phenotype

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This study will assess the efficacy and safety of GSK3511294 (Depemokimab) as an adjunctive therapy in participants with severe uncontrolled asthma with an eosinophilic phenotype.

A Study of GSK3511294 (Depemokimab) Compared With Mepolizumab or Benralizumab in Participants With Severe Asthma With an Eosinophilic Phenotype

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This study will assess whether switching participants who have benefitted from mepolizumab or benralizumab to GSK3511294 (Depemokimab) is non-inferior to maintaining current treatment on the annualized rate of clinically significant exacerbations in participants with severe asthma with an eosinophilic phenotype. Throughout the study, all participants will continue their non-biologic Baseline standard of care (SoC) asthma treatment.

A Study Evaluating TEPEZZA® Treatment in Patients With Chronic (Inactive) Thyroid Eye Disease

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The overall objective is to investigate the efficacy, safety and tolerability of TEPEZZA® in participants with chronic (inactive) TED (thyroid eye disease). Approximately 57 participants will be enrolled. There will be a treatment period (through Week 24) and a follow up period (where TEPEZZA will not be infused).

LYT-100 in Healthy Volunteers and BCRL

Enrollment Completed

Part 1 is a multiple ascending dose trial in healthy volunteers (HV) of LYT-100 to determine safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetic (PK) profile under fed conditions. Part 2 is a single dose safety, tolerability, and PK trial in HV of LYT-100 under fed and fasted conditions. Part 3 is a trial of up to 6-months duration for safety, tolerability, clinical efficacy assessments, PK and biomarkers analysis in breast carcinoma patients with secondary lymphoedema